About Us
Kardesler Essential Oils Inc., was founded in 1957 as a privately owned family enterprise. At the outset the company engaged in the confectionary, beverage sectors as well as supplying the pharmaceutical sector with medical devices, raw materials and packaging goods. The company assumed the Turkish representation of a large number of foreign brands.
In 1992, the company began importing wet wipes – a newly emerging category in Turkey’s growing cleaning and personal hygiene product market.
In 1994, Kardesler became the first mover in Turkey to launch the production of wet wipes. 
By 1998 Kardesler became a net exporter of wet wipes. Four short years later, in 2002 production reached maximum capacity in the Fourth Levent district in Istanbul, prompting the need for a larger production site.  In 2004 the company moved into a larger production facility, measuring 10,000 m2, in the Gebze Plastics Organized Industrial Zone. A second production site in Gebze came online in 2008 to expand production capacity to meet strengthening market demand. 
Kardesler continues to grow as an exporter of wet wipes across Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa thanks to its high quality wet wipe products at attractive price points and an ongoing commitment to customer service.


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