Environmental Policy


Kardesler’s Quality Management principles guide the company’s approach towards human and environmental considerations. These principles improve product and process quality and simultaneously minimize any environmental impact arising from its operations. The company tests its waste levels regularly to ensure they remain within its environmental policy metrics and measures.
The company has set goals towards minimizing any negative impact stemming from production on human health and the environment. The same goals apply to providing a safe environment for employers.
Kardesler remains at the forefront of environmental preservation through its environmental investments in the wet wipe category. The company is a leader in preventing environmental pollution and is proactive in environmental clean up efforts. 
The company undergoes periodic wastewater controls conducted by GEPOSB (Gebze Plastics Organized Industrial Zone). 
All solid waste products such as nylon, paper etc. are categorized separately and are directed to waste management firms licensed by the Ministry of Environment for proper recycling.  
The Packaging and Packaging Waste Controls Procedures dictate  that companies that use packaging materials use those materials bearing the “Recycling” symbol issued by the Ministry of Environment. Kardesler collaborates with organizations licensed by the Ministry of Environment (MoE) to ensure that requisite amounts of packaging materials prescribed in their Quota Audits are collected and recycled. 
The Hazardous Waste Controls Procedures dictate that packaging materials that have been contaminated with chemicals be recycled through waste management firms licensed by the Ministry of Environment. Packaging materials and other waste products that cannot be recycled are sent to IZAYDAS, an organization appointed by the Ministry of Environment for responsible disposal.
All our records regarding hazardous waste are managed by our Quality Control and Assurance department, and made regularly available to authorities as required.


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